Education is the best legacy parents can bequeath to their children. Therefore, it becomes the exclusive responsibility of the parents to choose schools for their children. It is very imperative to choose a good school as a parent to your children as it serves as a basic foundation for their growth. They must take it upon themselves to research on the school their children should be enrolled in, be it pre-school/crèche, nursery and primary and secondary schools. For higher education, it might be dicey to make the choice as children of that age bracket are expected to make some important decisions or choices that affect their lives. Although many parents today still reserve the responsibility or the right of making such decision for certain reasons.

In the era where there are avalanche of schools around, with profit-driven motive, throwing standard to the wind, there is need to carry out a thorough research before taking decision about where your children should school. There are many schools that are unfit to exist because of failure or total disregard for standard. Aside learning, a school is also a place where character is molded. For this purpose, we have researched and come up with a list of qualities parents should look out for when searching for good schools to enroll their children. The list is analyzed below:

Discipline/High Moral Standard

It is quite unfortunate that most parents don’t consider this being so important. However, it should be top of the list of what parents should consider before decision is taken. Most parents pay attention to academic standard alone – curriculum, teaching method and quality of teachers. In as much as this is important, it should not be the sole determinant for picking a good school for a child.

Complete education should focus on character and learning. When any of the two is missing, having dysfunctional society becomes inevitable. In the face of dwindling moral decadence, it is quite imperative for parents to put their children in schools that maintain high moral standard and discipline. Many pupils/students learn lots of vices in schools, perhaps from friends and class mates, because they are not being monitored and discipline is not upheld. Schools that lack discipline and moral standard, end up producing individuals who become nuisance to the family and society.

Parents must take it upon themselves to study and understand the vision, mission, guiding principles and rules and regulations of the school they intend to enroll their children.

High Academic Standard

High academic standard is quite important in considering a good school for children, as parents. If this is lacking, the essence of learning would be defeated. This is where consideration or attention is given to curriculum, extra-curricular activities as well as teaching method. This will enable the parents to know whether the curriculum and teaching method are standard and in line with the current realities. Another important area that should not be overlooked is the educational background of the teachers. Where the teachers are not qualified, the pupils/students will be receiving half-baked education, which is detrimental to their future. We have seen cases where teachers failed examination of the class they are handling. It is a dangerous situation handing your children to unqualified hands. This is why parents should beam their search light on the standard and process of teacher’s recruitment.

Standard Facilities

Learning without having necessary tools/materials is almost a waste of time. Imagine putting your child in a school that lacks well equipped laboratory, standard library, first aid equipment or at best clinic. There are lots of schools today that do not have basic facilities to enable pupils and students have meaningful learning. Having standard facilities adds to or enhances effective learning.

Having standard facilities also involves having equipment for extra-curricular activities such as football field and other recreational facilities for children’s optimal physical and academic growth.

Government Recognition/Approval

It is not a surprise that a lot of schools we have today do not have government approval or recognition. It is a general practice for schools to obtain approval from the appropriate authorities. This is a quality measure for checkmating standard and ensuring the school is conducive for learning. Therefore, it becomes the duty of parents to ensure they do thorough investigation before enrolling their children in a particular school.

Conducive Environment

Parents must ensure that the school they choose for their children is conducive for learning. Such environment must be clean and hygienic as well as being quiet for effective learning to take place. The security of such environment must be taken into cognizance for children’s total safety. Children must learn in environment that their lives are not endangered.

It is therefore the responsibility of the parents to give their children best legacy, which is education and must be achieved under a conducive and secured environment.


Though not absolutely necessary, but it is quite helpful for parents to put their children in schools that have established names. Having children in schools with wonder pedigree has a way of favouring them, perhaps in the future. Enrolling your child in a school that has wonderful reputation and where top and successful people passed through, has a way of affecting such children positively. In some cases, the old students association of such schools do create a system of giving back to improve the infrastructure condition of the school. Aside from that, children seize such opportunity to establish friendship and connections which would go a long way in helping them later on in life. Many parents take this into cognizance while deciding or choosing school for their children.

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