Concerntration is the ability to direct one’s focus and thinking in whatever direction one would intend.

One of the most frequent complaints of students is that they seem unable to concerntrate while studying. But with the right skills applied, a student can unlock his or her natural ability to concerntrate.

In a situation where you want to study and your thoughts are scattered, and your mind races from one thing to another, you need to learn and practice concerntration strategies. In a situation you concerntrate fully, you will be so absorbed in what you are doing, you will be unaware of time passing or of what is going on around you.

Factors such as your enthusiasm for what you are doing, your skill at your task, your emotional and physical state, and your surroundings at the time determines the length of time for which you can concerntrate fully.

There are two types of concentration.

– The immediate concerntration which allows you to observe your surroundings at every moment.

– The prolonged concerntration which allows you to read, learn and think.

In studying, you are required to work with the prolonged or long term concerntration. This means that there is need for you to minimize the attention you pay to what is going on around you or blank out distractions and focus on what you are studying.

Improving your concentration has a lot of benefits, few which are:

  • It helps you remember what you have learned.
  • It helps you maintain a higher level of attention.
  • Concentration helps you become more efficient when studying.

Now the question is, how do you improve your concentration?

If you are In class,

First, you need to pay close attention to your lecturer.

Second, you need to take down good notes. You can also make a recording if it is allowed. This will help you get points you missed while taking down notes.

Third, ask questions and actively be participate in discussions.

Finally, while the lecture is going on, whenever your mind drifts away, remind yourself why you are in class. Note taking is an effective key to a wandering mind because there is no way you will concentrate on taking note and your mind is also wandering at the same time.

Strategies To Apply To Improve Your Concentration While Studying At Home
Create A Studying Environment

The first thing you have to do to be able to concentrate is to create a studying environment that is comfortable and meet your needs. You cannot concentrate in an environment you are not comfortable in, so make your studying space to your taste and comfort.

Draw A Timetable

A timetable goes a long way to guide you. Without a timetable, it is like studying without an aim. At each study session, start by writing specifically what you  intend to accomplish in the first fifteen  minutes. Be realistic and success oriented. Let your timetable include at least 40 minutes period and at most 60 minutes period. Include a break of 10 to 15 minutes. Your brain just like your body needs a break to recharge, and don’t forget to always reward yourself for a work Well done.

Establish A Routine

Create for yourself a convenient routine before getting to study. This will become a conditioned reflex that tells your brain to prepare for the next task.

Listen To Your Body

Listen to your body by knowing your high energy period and low energy period. This will help you to know when to read and understand well and when to relax or do other things. If your high energy period is very early in the morning, it means you should always use this period to study, or it might be in the middle of the night, identify yours and stick with it.

Know Your Personal Vulnerability And Then Take Preventive Action

Concentration is a mental skill which can be developed with practice. Do what you can to control your study environment and then exercise firm personal discipline to get your stipulated work done.

Do Not Focus On One Subject For A Long Time

It is advisable to switch subject every 40 to 50 minutes so as not to get bored and saturate your mind. A new subject after about 40 minutes to 1 hour wakes up your mind. It is like being in a class where the lecturer overstays and you might not get the rest of the information anymore.

Blank Out Your Problems While Studying

The time to study is not the time to remember your problems. Don’t forget that you are studying with an aim, possibly to get an A and a result which will fetch you a better job but if you do not concentrate, you will not achieve your aim. Lead your thoughts and do not let your thoughts lead you.

Make Your Studying Interesting

Reading or solving equations can be boring especially if it is a topic or subject that is not your favorite. To make your studying interesting and concentrate better, you can use interesting and active reading or solving techniques. You can ask yourself some questions as you read. You can also look away from the page and summarize out loud what you read. Singing it out loud can be funny but it helps. You can also include quiz in your study work making it interesting.

Make Notes

The act of making notes cannot be underrated. Make notes on concepts, characters, plots, theories, definitions, or events described.

Do the Least Pleasant Tasks First

Always ensure that you start with the most critical and difficult tasks first before moving onto the less challenging ones. When your energy is high, you should use it to solve the difficult challenges and as your energy is getting low and you move to the easy tasks, it won’t wear you out.

Reduce Your Stress

You need to reduce your stress by establishing better study conditions. Use your break time to rest your brain by doing things not related to your study. Logging onto your social media account can take a little bit of stress off, even playing a little game. But do not spend ore than the necessary time allotted for break. Always be strict with your time to achieve your goal.

Enough Sleep

Sleep has a lot of benefits. When you sleep,your hormones are regulated and information synthesized. When you are tired and forcing yourself to concentrate, it is like a drunk walking on the road.

Eat Healthy

Food just like sleep cannot be underrated. Eating healthy keeps your mind healthy. When you eat healthy, you are more energized and it makes it easier to put your mind to the test. Avoid foods that cause you to sleep during study time.

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