Some students believe it is Impossible for one to write WAEC and pass all subjects on the first sitting but the truth is it depends on how prepared the student is. It might sound impossible but there are a lot of students who are taking the exams and passing it at the first sitting. Now, after being prepared for the exams, you should know what to do when you get into the exams hall and not end up answering the questions properly. Every exam has its rules and regulations and no matter how wide you have read, if you don’t stick by it, your efforts might be in vain. The following are ways you can answer your WAEC questions and pass.

  • Get the syllabus for each subject.

WAEC has its own syllabus. The syllabus serves as a guide in areas you need to focus on which will come out in your exams. Without the syllabus, you might just be going round and round without having a focus.

  • Take WAEC mock examination.

Students tend to underrate the mock exams, but it will give you a clue on what to expect in the real exams. Just as the name is, it is a mock exam but with the aim of examining how ready you are for the real exams.

  • Start well by writing your name well and in capital letters.

 Do not make the mistake of changing even one letter in your name in any of the papers you are to write. Make sure you write the correct centre number in your script.

  • Read all instructions and obey them fully.

If the instructions say answer three questions, do not answer four because you know it. Stick to the three asked for. Also, do not rush to answer questions without reading with understanding. Note that most times, the objective questions me get give you some clue to the answers in the theory.

  • Work on your handwriting.

 If you Know you have handwriting that cannot be understood, work on changing it or writing better before the exams. The examiner might not have the patience to read handwriting he can’t see well. Have in mind that he has at least 200 other scripts to mark. Use punctuation marks where necessary because your marks might be deducted if you start a person’s name with small letters and where there is no punctuation especially if the subject is Literature and English. Also remember, some marks are awarded for good handwriting.

  • Do not mix up terms.

Most times the question tells you to list and explain or summarize. If you had been going through WAEC past questions, you would be familiar with the terms. Know that the term compare, define, explain, describe, differentiate and summarize, are different in their own ways. If you are asked to summarize, don’t make the mistake of listing. If you are asked to define a term, it doesn’t mean you should summarize, just go straight to the point and define.

  • Don’t mix up number while answering questions.

This is one mistake students make especially in the theory section. If you are to answer 3 questions out of 6, please write out the answers and their numbers accordingly. It could be questions number 1, 3 and 4 so the examiner does not waste time trying to find out which answer is for which question.

  • Do not waste time on a particular question.

If you do not know the answer to a particular question, leave it and move to the next one. Remember you have limited time. You can come back to that question later.

  • Do not dirty your work.

An untidy paper or paper filled with cancellation discourages the examiner. Try to be sure of what you want to write before putting it down. This will save you from writing and cancelling. You could also do your rough work at the back of your paper.

  • Use the right materials for the exams.

It is always advisable to use HD pencil and then, go to the exams hall with a math set. Don’t ever make the mistake of going with just one pen to the exams hall in case the pen fails to write.

  • Don’t ever make the mistake of going to submit your script without going through your work again. In other words, dot your I’s and cross your T’s.
  • Finally, after everything, commit it all to God. You have prepared, you have written well and submitted. You have done your best, hand the rest to God.

             While some students are afraid of the outcome of their results, if you had read and really written the exams, then you should confidently await your A’s. WAEC might be nightmare to those who did not prepare but for those who took their time to prepare and write, it is just another step to a greater level. Never panic because of stories of people who did not sit down to read for their exams. 

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