Many parents are fun of making the mistake of forcing a course of study on their children in the university, despite the resultant trend of events which have virtually not been positive. They believe that they know the best course their children should study, without considering whether such choice is the best for their children. It is advisable for children to be given a free hand in picking their course of study in the university, having been counseled properly to understand the area of their strength as well as passion. Areas of strength and passion are not what parents cannot accurately tell about their children. Therefore, it becomes their responsibility to only advise and allow them make their choices.

In most cases, parents would want their children to study prestigious courses such as medicine and surgery, law, Engineering, etc, while they fail to take into cognizance their children’s strength and passion. This often portends great danger and results in enormous consequences. A meticulous study of trend of events in the subject matter has prompted us to come up with the following dangers or consequences resulting from parents choosing or influencing what their children study in school.

Poor or Abysmal Academic Performance

Forcing a university course on a child, as a parent, has its attendant consequences. Parents could think that they are better equipped and knowledgeable than the child. But they result has not always been desirable; as such children often have difficulty in living up to expectation. Having excellent academic performance in the university entails a whole lot of things. It is far from being intelligent alone. There are other qualities students must possess in order to have a better academic performance.

University system has a way of measuring students’ academic performance. Lack of interest in a course of study can reduce student’s zeal and precipitates abysmal performance. At the end of the day, such child will graduate with a class of degree that is not useful or impressive to the employers. When this has occurred, frustration would definitely set in.

School Drop-Out

There are numerous reasons why school drop-out occurs. One of such is students being forced or influenced to study a course they did not prefer. This can occur at any level in the university, but the one that often occurs is within the medical field – medicine and surgery precisely. As a standard, many medical schools do not condone poor performance; so when a student fails to meet the stipulated standard, he/she is asked to transfer study or drop-out totally, depending on the performance.

Parents are sometime the cause of this, as they would wish their children study prestigious courses such as medicine, law, engineering, etc, not minding their capacity and interest. After yielding to parental demands, they turn to face pressure from school, which they struggle to find footing and would later be surmounted. There and then, drop-out becomes inevitable or transfers to other courses, in lucky situations.

Unfulfilled Career/Life

There are lots of people today in different strata of human endeavour living unfulfilled life as a result of making wrong career choices. This category of people only works for the sake of settling bills; they do not find career fulfillment – no happiness, no pride, no zeal. The sad consequences are that their level of productivity will be low, which could affect the organization, stemming from doing what they dislike. On the personal level, they will keep on hurting themselves for not living a fulfilled life.

It must be clearly understood that having a high paying job does not equate to having a fulfillment in career. One can have a low paying job but derives happiness and satisfaction from it, because that is what he/she likes doing. Therefore, parents must have this at the back of their minds by giving their children free hand to pick courses that will bring them fulfillment in life. We have heard of cases where parents forced their children to study certain courses perhaps to maintain family career dynasty and the children upon graduation, came back, submitted the certificates acquired in school to their parents, and went their ways to pursue their dreams – what will bring them happiness and fulfillment.             

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