Going to university is capital intensive irrespective of the course one is studying. However, there are some courses that are way too expensive to study. Besides school fees, which may not have pronounced differences among the courses, there are other requirements that involve money which students studying such courses must fulfill before graduation.

The following are courses which we have researched and found out they are quite expensive for students studying them.

Soil Science

Soil science is a branch of agriculture that deals with soils as a natural resource on the earth which includes soil formation, classification, mapping; physical, chemical, biological and fertility properties of soil. Soil science explores and seeks to understand the earth’s land and water resources. It seeks to identify, interpret, and manage soils for agriculture, forestry, rangeland, ecosystems, urban uses, and mining and reclamation in an environmentally responsible way.

What makes the course expensive is in the area of soil testing. This involves excavating the soil to get to the desired sample for test or analysis. The cost of testing the soil is also quite expensive which students may find it hard to afford. So students coming in to study this course must have it at the back of their minds the cost it involves.


Engineering which is one of the practical courses, no doubt, is quite expensive to study. Perhaps, this is because it involves the use of equipment. According to report by the telegraph, a UK media outfit, engineering tops the list of the most expensive degrees in the UK. While in other courses, students only need writing materials and few other things, same cannot be said about engineering. In some cases, it requires the students to own some equipment for personal practical, which can be quite expensive.


According to Marriam-Webster online dictionary, sculpture is “the action or art of processing plastic or hard materials into work of art by carving, modeling, or welding. Sculpture is offered in university as a degree programme. It is no doubt quite expensive course to study. This is because the course grading system involves largely practical works. These practical works is quite expensive and involves buying materials to execute them. Sculpturing adds lots of value to the environment; through its knowledge, the world has got to experience great famous sights such as Statue of Liberty, Venus de Milo, The Thinker, Great Sphinx of Gaza, David by Michelangelo, etc.

Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery, indisputably, is one of the few university courses our society today cannot do without. It is commonly said that health is wealth. Therefore, wellness of the society is largely their responsibility. Aside from the rigorous process of acquiring the knowledge, it is also known to be quite an expensive course to study. Notably, medical education is generally expensive compare to its physical science and humanity’s counterparts.

For instance, the tuition fee for medical students is relatively high. Aside from that, medical books, which in some cases are compulsory, are also quite expensive. This is why medical education in some countries is highly subsidized, to cushion the effects on students.


Architecture is one course that is so important to the society but it is not widely known or recognized. It is the art or practice of designing and constructing of building. According to dictionary.com, architecture is “the profession of designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments, usually with some regard to aesthetic effect. In detail, it includes design or selection of furnishings and decorations, supervision of construction work, and the examination, restoration, or remodeling of existing buildings.

This makes the course quite expensive as students get to buy tools and other equipment that enable them acquire practical knowledge in the course. To become a certified architect, students spend longer years in the university just like their medicine and surgery counterparts, which also add to the cost.


Law is one of the few courses the society cannot do without, for order to be maintained. In fact, its importance to the society cannot be over-emphasized, especially in business and governance. It requires a rigorous process and training to acquire the degree. The acquisition of law degree is quite an expensive one, especially in the area of obtaining the necessary books. Law students tend to read a lot of books within their field and outside, to broaden their horizon as well as helping them in their field of specialization.

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