At one time or the other in school, things happen that makes a student to miss class even if it’s for once. While some may miss class often, there are others who might miss just once in a semester. No serious student intentionally plans to miss class except he or she is missing it due to unforeseen circumstances or something very important. When you miss class, when you are back, you have to stay in the class to makeup for your absence in order to achieve a good grade.


  • Understand that some departments or  faculties take offense at absences for any reason. So you should think twice before missing a class. If you know you will be absent, you can inform your course lecturer or head of department in advance. That way, they can always create a make up work for you. Don’t make the mistake of being absent in a course where the lecturer is strict without informing him or her. He might give a class work and award marks for it and if care is not taken, you might end up carrying over the course.
  • Be aware of attendance, late work and make-up policies. This information might be listed in your course syllable or departmental handout. Some lecturers are strict and do not accept late work or offer make-up tests or exams, regardless of the reason. Others offer opportunities to make up for lost work but have very strict policies about when they will accept make-up work.
  • If you are Ill or have an emergency, try to text or call your lecturer that you cannot attend class, and tell him reasons. If possible, hand in assignments beforehand, that is if it is not submitted through the course or class representative.
  • Reach out to your lecturer after unexpected absence. You can stay after class to talk to your lecturer one-on-one or go to your lecturer’s office during office hours. Be honest and explain why you missed class. Then try to let the lecturer know you are working hard to get back on schedule and would like to know if you missed any important news. Most lecturers would appreciate this because it portrays you are serious about your studies. Also, let your lecturer know if you expect to miss class again in the near future.
  • Go to class. Even if you missed several class periods before this, the major thing to do is attend class and try to catch up. This will ensure that you don’t miss anymore important information while you are working hard to catch up with the ones you missed out on and with your classmates.
  • Talk to your classmates. Find out from them what you missed. Maybe a group work was given and groups were formed and you missed out on being given a group. In such case, you need to meet the lecturer and explain the situation. Also, information might have been given about the course material or upcoming test or exams. Your classmates will fill you in on this.
  • Prioritise and plan what you need to catch up on. Look over the course objectives and assignment criteria. What’s coming up soon, what do you have more time for, what readings are the most relevant to the content. knowing the most important stuff will be hugely beneficial for your time management.
  • Take notes. Even if you don’t understand what is going on in class, take good notes as much as possible. This will help you later when studying or going back over the information. Also, get notes you missed from your coursemates. Be sure to read more than one student notes because students have different perspectives and might miss some points. Read notes from several students and you are more likely to get a complete picture of what was taught in class.
  • Get help for difficult courses. If you were already having a hard time in class, missing class can worsen things. If you feel lost or overwhelmed, reach out to your lecturer, coursemates, or head of department for help. Also, find a productive study material who is focused and determined and can help boost your productivity. You can invite an academically successful friend over a study session.
  • Be sure to thank lecturers who take extra time to explain assignments and other course materials to you. They are not required to do so.

Avoid missing class if possible. You should only miss class for important or unavoidable reasons like

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