While some students take jamb once and have a score high enough to gain admission into the university, others struggle to pass and have an average or a low score which will further make them to be given a course they don’t like.

After deciding on the course to study in the university and knowing the subject combination, the next important thing is to know the cut-off point and aim higher. Aiming higher will make you score high and you will be given the course you have always wanted.

A serious student should aim for at least 300 in jamb and you can’t get 300 by just sitting around waiting for the jamb date to be out before you start reading. It is advisable to start studying as early as possible. Even if the exam is coming up next year, you can start studying now. If you are determined to score at least 300 in your jamb, then the following study habits would be of help immensely if applied.

The first step to having a high score in your jamb is to buy past questions in the subjects you are going to take. Buying past questions is not enough, but you need to study it. Most questions are always repeated year after year. Endeavor to answer the questions yourself, thereafter mark it according to the answers at the back, then note where you have failed and make corrections. Also, read up on textbooks things you do not understand. By the time you do this every day or at least 3 times in a week, by the time the exams date is due, you must have covered at least 10 years with the correct answers.

Create a timetable for yourself. Make sure you prepare a timetable which you will use for your study. A timetable will get you to be more committed. You can decide to take two subjects a day or one subject a day for at least 1 hour for each subject. Create a convenient study time depending on your schedule. Pick a period you know you can assimilate well. While studying, always remember your goal which is to score at least 300 cut-off point.

Having a study companion will also help you in scoring high. This is because you and your companion would study and discuss on what you have studied. There are some things you might understand better and explain to your companion and there are some things your study companion might understand better and explain to you. If you are choosing a study companion, make sure you chose someone who is focused, motivated and aims at success just like you. You might be good at math and not chemistry, and your companion might be good at chemistry and not math. One can explain to the other. It is said that two heads are better than one.

Get jamb syllabus for the subjects you are going to take and be guided by the syllabus on the topics. An example is if the literature text for last year has been changed, then you have to get the recommended literature texts so you do not end up stranded.

Enroll in a jamb class early enough. Apart from studying by yourself, it is advisable to enroll in a jamb class. This is because jamb lessons are mostly taken by experienced professionals in the different subjects. They will guide you on how to answer the questions and go as far as explaining more. You can also ask questions which they will answer, and you will be able to learn from other students in the process of attending the lesson.

After much preparation for months, I believe you can’t wait to pour it all out on the day of exams. But do not let tension or excitement allow you make mistakes on the exams day. On the day of exams, make sure you go very early to the exams center. Sometimes, if you registered late, your centre might be in another town or even another state. Endeavor to go before the exams day and know the centre. You wouldn’t want to be late for the exams. One of the steps to failing an exam is going late to the exam venue. Also, endeavor to practice how to take the CBT exams before the exam day. Also, when taking the exams, apply accuracy and timing. Know that you have limited time to take the four subjects but do not rush to answer to the extent of clicking on the wrong options. Try to answer the questions correctly and on time. You can leave the questions you do not know and answer those ones you know, then you can return to the ones you do not know later, but in all, do not leave any questions unanswered. It is better for you to finish before the time and go through your work again than for you to be cut off Midway.

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