It has been a general belief among graduates to gain employment or a white collar job otherwise known as ‘stress less job’ immediately after graduation. A lot of graduates today are still of the opinion that government has the responsibility of providing jobs for every graduate, no matter the standard of qualification. Such believe is unrealistic because of the current situation of the country which definitely determines the kind of programmes and provisions by government that is made available for the general public and specifically, to the educated ones who are in some cases known as graduates.

The current economic situations in Nigeria, for instance, do not necessitate absolute provision of jobs for the graduates by the government due to unavailability of resources. Therefore, the total number of graduates we have cannot be accommodated or absorbed. Companies, industries, ports etc, where the available resources earlier mentioned that can absorb the graduates are infinitesimal.

Universities in Nigeria keep producing a huge number of graduates every year, and the current resources at the country’s disposal cannot accommodate them. Graduates who are having difficulty securing jobs have to learn to imbibe the habit of self-reliance by working towards becoming self employed. This is where much attention should be paid to entrepreneurship skills.

The realistic aspect of entrepreneurship is better being a subject of discourse than given a definition. However, a definition will be impactful and forms a background for sound understanding. Wikipedia, the free online Encyclopedia defines entrepreneurship as, “The process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business”. Within a larger sphere, people who create these businesses are called “entrepreneurs” which entrepreneurship is viewed as the capacity and willingness to develop, organigse and manage a business venture along with its attendant risks to make a profit. Undoubtedly, the subject matter has brought tremendous positive improvement to the economic system in Nigeria, which the government should pay attention to in order to curb the alarming rate of unemployment.

Graduates who engage themselves in entrepreneurship do enjoy reliable and undisturbed advantages, which include but not limited to the following:

1. The Act of Self-Independence

It is no doubt a very important aspect of entrepreneurship and it makes entrepreneurs to be confident and believe in themselves in running distinct aspects of their various businesses. Entrepreneurs do have to rely heavily on anybody else or government in establishing a means of job. Self- independence in business helps entrepreneurs to make quick decisions in business especially regarding funding, since they do not rely on anybody. Entrepreneurs enjoy this since there is no one to sanction or fault their decisions and actions in business and no one to impose authority in their business administrations.

2. Establishment of Job Opportunities
the goal of every true entrepreneur is to see the business grow. Most of the big enterprises you are seeing today started very little, and with strong determination, commitment and contributions, they now have the capacity to employed large labour force. On this note, the intuition of a man to be an entrepreneur has created room and chance for others to work.

For instance, a one man business also known as a “sole proprietor” starts at a particular period of time and as time goes on with vigorous contributions, the business will develop and as it develops, new workers will be employed, this has created jobs for others and it also assists the country’s economy positively.

3. Exposure to different Fields and Continuous Learning

Due to the nature of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs are exposed to different and complex areas of study during the process of running the business. Entrepreneurs have to engage themselves in different fields of study as the business demands, if they must succeed. In order to have a successful engagement in business, knowledge of courses such as accounting, marketing, advertisement, and public speaking must be patronized or acquired.

The enterprising intuitions and discretions of entrepreneurs greatly help in the development of the business in the sense that the manner in which entrepreneurs present the entrepreneurs skills they possess, determine how successful the business will be.

 4.Absence of Retirement
White collar job otherwise known as ‘stress less job’ has a frame or period of time in which workers must offered their services. In government, a worker must put in a maximum of 35 years and in a case where he/she clocks 60 years, retirement becomes inevitable, even without serving up to the maximum number of years. Conversely, in a self-established business, the nature of entrepreneurship is based on self-intuition and this can last as long as desired.

Entrepreneurship skills should be encouraged or promoted by all and sundry; it is a path to success.

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