Without being misunderstood, any university students after graduation can become self employed. His or her field of endeavour may be unrelated to what they study in the university. However, there are few university courses that groom students to become self employed after graduation. This is because such courses are embedded with skills that enable the students after graduating, offer same to the society, by way of solving one problem or the other. Some may require setting up an enterprise where such services will be discharged, when contracted.

In the face of alarming rate of unemployment among university graduates, such courses should be highly promoted and needed awareness created among students. Below are the courses after graduation, students can become self employed by practicing them.


Architecture is one of the professional courses offered by universities. It is quite essential in our contemporary society. It is generally concerned with designing, planning and supervising the construction of building. They must take into cognizance the laws and regulations of the environment in which the structures will be erected, while designing structures that meet their clients’ taste.

Graduates of architecture can become self employed as it involves practical skills which the services provided can be contracted on an individual level. Without owning or establishing a firm, architecture graduates can still be self employed.

Civil Engineering

Most often than not, engineering courses groom students towards becoming self employed. As earlier stated, practical knowledge which engineering provides makes being self employed feasible. Civil engineering is generally concerned with the design and construction of public works such as dams, tunnels, bridges, airports, railways, hospitals, offices, schools, pipelines, structural components of buildings, etc. these can take place in small or large scale. Though large construction works are virtually contracted to large civil engineering firms, of which graduates in the field obtain employment, civil engineering graduates can still be self employed, if they so wish. They can start by bidding for small scale construction projects that will make them gain ground in the sector.

Computer science/Computer Engineering

These courses operate under the umbrella of information and communication technology (ICT). As it is a common knowledge today, computer is quite indispensable in our society. In fact, its relevance cannot be over-emphasized. From all projections, ICT will no doubt and in no distant time, becomes the sector with the highest employer of labour (both in formal and informal sectors).

One of the advantages of studying computer science/computer engineering is that the knowledge is applicable in all facets of human endeavour. There is no sector in the society that does not require the services of computer scientists or computer engineers. Reports and indices have confirmed that it is a field that has produced the highest number of self employed graduates. That is why today, we often hear of computer networking, web developer, software engineer, etc.

Animal Science

One may imagine what animal science is doing on the list. However, in the era where white collar jobs are no longer available, and self reliance being promoted, the course becomes very useful. No doubt, one of the mitigating measures promoted to solve the problem of unemployment is for people to venture into agriculture. Therefore, a graduate of animal science should not find this difficult as the needed knowledge has been obtained.

Graduates of this field have greater advantage going into animal husbandry or rearing, as the chances of succeeding are quite high. Also, the good thing is that it is a very lucrative business today.

Fisheries/Aqua Culture

In the era where agriculture is a goldmine with serious and conscious support from the governments and financial institutions, it becomes a wise decision for graduates of this field to venture into fish farming. They are well trained and fully equipped with the needed skills and experience in the field. In fact, managing fishes is part and parcel of academic assessment in school. And this makes their chances of succeeding in fish farming quite high. Notably, the demand for fishes is very high nowadays, as it is quite essential for certain category of people.


Many would not have considered music good enough to be on the list; the inclusion might be surprising. But the fact is that music is one of the courses in the university that mold students to become self employed. Many parents would not even have a second thought about their children studying music. In fact, the course has really been downgraded.

Music today is a serious business; it is mega industry. Students in this field are trained on several musical areas such as playing instruments, composing songs, singing, voice coaching, and songs’ production. Graduates in this field who ventured into music have become so successful or top celebrities. With these therefore, students of music should not have any challenge becoming self employed after graduation.

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